🔍 react-native-spotlight-search 1.0.0

It’d been quite a while since I last worked on my React Native plugin for indexing your app’s content. During this time, react-native-spotlight-search had become quite out of date and no longer worked with modern versions of React Native.

So, thanks to some help from fellow contributors I’ve recently published a new version that addresses all of these issues and generally tidies things up 🎉

What’s New

  • Support for modern React Native versions
  • Fix deprecation warnings
  • Rebuilt the example project to use RN 0.52
  • Breaking change: due to how RN handles image assets, the API for loading images has changed. Now you just provide an asset key which is used to lookup the image in the xcassets catalog
  • Remove unnecessary files from the published package
  • Fixed a bug where the app would display a duplicate alert when refreshing (only impacting development builds)

Thanks also to contributions from @stief510 @yannickoo @artkow 🎉

Please file any bugs or feature requests over on GitHub.

For my original article on indexing your app’s content, please check out Indexing Your App Content With React Native and Spotlight Search.